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I’ve been working with Bettys over the last year on a series of and lifestyle shoots supporting a new brand focus for their tearooms.  Well before I started working with the company one of my dream client commissions was to photograph at the Bettys Craft Bakery in Harrogate so when the call came through I was more than a little bit excited!!  I have such a love of photographing behind the scenes and documenting processes in production settings.  I am quite a geek when it comes to machinery and manufacturing and think it is fascinating environment to photograph.  It always feels such a privilege to see the things that others don’t get to see and photograph the production story that feeds into a final product.  Seeing the famous Bettys Fat Rascal being hand crafted in the bakery was amazing.  The staff at the bakery are so skilled at what they do and were absolutely wonderful to work with.

A documentary eye and an awareness for work roles is really key for production shoots.  My aim is to photograph quietly and efficiently with minimal disruption to staff and production schedules.  It just wouldn’t be appropriate to bring in flash and location lighting set ups in this kind of environment so my approach is all about making the most of available light.

The bakery images will be used for general marketing and also specific HR campaigns.





fat rascal in production bettys craft bakery


fat rascal in production bettys craft bakery


fat rascal in production bettys craft bakery harrogate






macaron betty's craft bakery


macaron in production bettys craft bakery



bettys craft bakery








A huge thank you to all of the staff at the Craft Bakery for being such pro models!

To see more of my production work please do pay a visit to my PRODUCERS & MAKERS PORTFOLIO

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